Does this generation need Physical Therapy?

Does this generation need Physical Therapy?

Does this generation need Physical activity and know of Physical Therapy

Indian culture have always been physical in the form of many martial arts, field games, Yoga, Malakhambh, etc. Our occupations evolved around these physical forms of art. Majority of the population were involved in agriculture and other activities.

All these activities ensured that we enhanced our physical potential in order to increase our life expectancy.

A lot of things have changed over the years, the economy of the country grew and we evolved from jobs that were physically intense to more intellectual jobs. Today’s generation no longer involve themselves in any physical activities that their body demands. Instead  they spend a great amount of time in front of computers, tablets, mobile phones, play stations etc. These activities cause laziness, unhealthy eating habits and poor posture in our young generation. 

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Since childhood we have been told by our parents and elders on the competitiveness of this world. Our focus have always been on developing our mental skills over physical abilities. We fail to see that a strong mind needs a strong body.

Our brain utilizes 70% of the total energy our body produces. Many people these days suffer from intense back pain, non-specific lower back pain, knee pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders etc.

According to WHO, 60% to 70% people are suffering from lower back pain, especially from the growing and developed countries. These days we see similar problems among children due to the lack of physical activities. But it is very common among the age group of 35 to 55 years.

We all wonder on why is this happening? What could be the reason behind the increase in these physical ailments?

  • Any job which requires an individual to sit or stand for a long time.
  • Increased stress in daily life.
  • Industrial backache due to improper postures during loading activities.
  • Improper or wrong high intensity exercises
  • Excessive body building efforts without the aim of becoming a professional.

We see these problems on rise due to lack of awareness in schools, colleges and other educational institutes as it is important for kids to understand their body and its capabilities to sprout a new force of young and strong vibrant individuals for our country.

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a very scientific and easy to follow means of fitness and flexibility that we all need to practice along with other art forms such as yoga etc.

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