Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic

Exercise Based Treatments for Spine Problems, Stroke Rehabilitation, Joint Pains, Neuro Conditions, Trauma

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Spine Care

Custom Exercise programmes designed to solve the problem from the root.

Stroke & Neuro Rehab

Our focus is on Re - Learning or Neuro plasticity through repeated exercise movements

Sports Injuries

Don’t agree to tolerate the pain. You need to get back to performing at your peak. We get that!

Physiotherapy clinic in pune

Community Medicine

The best exercise for seniors to prevent health problems and stay independent are aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening.

Knee Pain

Certified Health Professionals

Sports Medicine Doctor (MBBS), a Physio & Exercise Science Specialist + Strength conditioners with years of experience.

Cardiac Rehab

Preventive Healthcare

Enriching your life is our focus and hence we focus on rehabilitation prior to the need for a surgery,


Cervical Stabilization Exercises

Cervical Stabilization

Neck Pains, Cervical Spondylosis, Short Neck – 10 Cervical Stabilization Exercises for the Deep Neck Flexors, Erector Spinae, Shoulder Blade Retractors

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