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The online medical opinion services available on our website (the “Services”) does not in any way constitute an invitation or recommendation to avail our teleconsultation services.

The services provided through our website are not intended in any way to be considered as a substitute for face to face consultation with a doctor.

Krumur Clinic is a unit of OSR Sportsworks Consulting LLP and  we provide physiotherapy, sports medicine and sport science advise and programmes to our clients. It is the prerogative of the client of user to make independent assessment in respect of the accuracy or usefulness and suitability prior to making any decision in reliance hereof. Terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ hereafter refers to the user both registered and unregistered who are using/browsing through our website and/or availing any of our services or programmes.

By submitting this registration form, you hereby agree to avail the programmes provided by Krumur Clinic a unit of OSR Sportsworks Consulting LLP (“Company”) and/or its affiliates on such terms and conditions as described below:

Informed Consent

    • You understand and acknowledge that there will not be any physical examination involved and the consultation services shall be provided remotely. The opinion delivered by a Doctor or Physiotherapist shall solely be based on the verbal communication between the concerned Physiotherapist and the patient and the test reports and other information provided/uploaded by you on the website
    • You hereby consent to the use of telephonic and/or electronic communications (including audio, video and written communications) through any media by our doctors, Physios and our representatives to contact you using the contact information provided to us by you and to provide our services to you remotely.
    • You hereby consent to the recording of all communications (including audio, video and written communications) with our doctors and our representatives.
    • You hereby consent to the recording, saving and storing of all information pertaining to you provided to us or obtained during the course of providing the service, including without limitation, personal contact information, medical history, laboratory reports, communications with our doctors and representatives, and other patient records. All such information shall be treated as confidential information by us, in accordance with our privacy policy and as per applicable laws.

Patient’s Undertaking

    • You are above the age of 18 years and legally competent to enter into this agreement with us to avail our services;
    • The service provided by our doctors is based solely on the information furnished to them by you and neither we nor our doctors will be able to countercheck the reliability of the information provided by you. Accordingly, you hereby undertake that (i) all information, including medical, health, diagnostic and personal information, the registration form and information shared during your communications with our doctors and our representatives, is complete, true and accurate; (ii) no information has been intentionally omitted/withheld; and (iii) no incomplete/ misleading/ fraudulent/ inaccurate information has been/shall be provided.

Limitation of liability

    • The Company , its affiliates, doctors, representatives or employees shall not be liable for any error in diagnosis, delay in providing the service or deficiency in service due to the occurrence of sub optimal technical conditions (including without limitation, poor network connectivity, power shutdown, service downtime, scheduled maintenance work by the internet service providers.
    • The Company or its doctors or representatives will not be responsible for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of any advice given by the doctors during the Service or of any terms and conditions herein.
    • The Company or its doctors or representatives will not be liable for misdiagnosis / faulty judgment / interpretation error / perception error/Adverse events/ inefficacy of prescribed treatment or advice/validity of the advice or prescription provided by the consulting doctor in your jurisdiction of residence/ unavailability of the recommended or prescribed treatment or medication under any condition or circumstances. Users are advised to use their discretion for following the advice obtained post consultation from our Online Medical Opinion platform.
    • Our Services are not meant in any way for emergency and life-threatening conditions. It is advised to take the patient to the nearest hospital in such cases.


    • You agree and undertake to indemnify and keep indemnified the Company, its doctors and its representatives as well as Krumur Clinic a unit of OSR Sports Works Consulting LLP (“Indemnified Parties”) for any losses, costs, charges and expenses including reasonable attorney fees that the concerned doctor/physician and Indemnified Parties may suffer on account of (a)misdiagnosis / faulty judgment /interpretation errors / perception error arising from (i)your failure to provide correct and / or complete clinical information / history about the patient in timely and clinically appropriate manner; or (ii)suppression of material facts; or your failure to provide relevant clinical information about the patient; or (iv) misinterpretation of the advice / prescription / diagnosis by you; or (v) failure to follow doctor’s advice / prescription by you; or (b) incorrect or inaccurate credit / debit card details provided by you; or (c) using a credit / debit card which is not lawfully owned by you; or (d) if you permit a third party to use your password or other means to access your account


    • This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time, with or without cause
    • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Pune, Maharashtra, India.
    • The Company may at any time, without any prior notification to you, modify these terms of conditions. Please review the latest version of the terms and conditions before proceeding to avail the service