Long Term Programmes

in Stroke, Neuro & Movement Rehab

Recovering from a Brain stroke requires a significant amount of Will, Dedication and expert support over a long term.

It’s never easy, but not impossible!

At Krumur Clinic,  our primary aim revolves around achieving Independence.

Programme Focus

Neuroplasticity, Motor Recovery, Balance & Proprioception are sequential goals that need to be achieved through a structured programme while keeping a close eye and building your Physiological capabilities.

Recover after a Brain Stroke

Physical Medicine & Exercise Based Solutions for Post Stroke Rehabilitation

We attempt to achieve specific goals and milestones revolving around rebuilding the motor skills one looses when a stroke affects a part of their brain.

Regaining independence and improving one’s quality of life is the ultimate aim.

Physical Rehabilitation After Stroke

Stroke Recovery – What You Need to Know

Brain Stroke Recovery in Pune – Post Stroke Rehabilitation is an essential part of recovering after a Stroke. It is important to understand “How to recover from a Stroke”
It’s never easy, but not impossible! Read our Blog to understand how to recover from a Stroke..

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Hand Movement After a Stroke

Regaining Hand Movement After a Stroke

Hand Rehabilitation and Regaining Hand Movement after a Stroke needs expert care and Support over a medium to long term. Post Stroke Rehabilitation requires Neuroplasticity, Muscle Control, Reducing Spasticity in addition to a consistent commitment.

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