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If you are into performance sports or are even an amateur who wants to be an athlete, it is very likely that you may have already gone through a sports injury of some kind at one time or another. While medications are a helpful solution temporarily, you may not recover completely unless you go through…

Know about Running Biomechanics – Anterior Chain are the muscles at the front of the body. Learn how to Strengthen your Pecs, Core & Quadriceps to Power your Forward Movement

Some creative tips on using Tennis Ball Myofascial Releases and a foam roller Myofascia Releases to treat myofascial trigger points

Post Covid Exercise has to be under supervision of an expert. Covid Recovery is different for everyone. Dr. Neha Gidwani gives you important tips to take care of when you consider to start Exercises.

Learn how to set Running Goals for best results. Meet our Sports Medicine Doctors & Exercise Physios to help you!

Our childhood is the time when we are the most active, which means we are high on energy levels. Due to which our body demands more physical activity. We tend to overwhelm ourselves with unnecessary routines thinking that excessive training will make us stronger. Well at least that’s what we have been seeing in the…