Our childhood is the time when we are the most active, which means we are high on energy levels. Due to which our body demands more physical activity. We tend to overwhelm ourselves with unnecessary routines thinking that excessive training will make us stronger. Well at least that’s what we have been seeing in the movies.We only realize this once we have a serious injury due to overtraining specially the most renowned nightmare among all athletes the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear (ACL)

This is why athletes need to create that thin line between pushing yourself and destroying yourself, in order to accomplish higher goals in the sport of your interest. It is absolutely true that working hard and having the commitment towards physical fitness is important, but these goals must never be at the cost of your precious body.

Hence, it is important to understand when you as an athlete should stop over training.

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Following are some thoughts and experiences, if occurred to before means you are over training.

If the answer to any or all of the following questions is a YES, then it’s time to step back a little. Take enough recovery time, lower your training or physical activity intensities, that doesn’t mean you sit at home like a couch potato and perform activities other than training.

Don’t worry here are some solutions that will help you from preventing such problems

Every individual reacts to training or physical activity differently. So it becomes difficult to identify the cause of overtraining. Here are some solutions of preventing over training:

So now you know what you need to do! We are sure your friends and colleagues also would need this piece of knowledge, feel free to ask questions and our experts are right here to help you.