Recovering from a Brain stroke requires a significant amount of Will, Dedication and expert support over a long term.

It’s never easy, but not impossible!

At Krumur Clinic, we attempt to achieve specific goals and milestones revolving around rebuilding the motor skills one looses when a stroke affects a part of their brain. Regaining independence and improving one’s quality of life is the ultimate aim.

In medical terms we attempt to achieve Neuroplasticity or Re – Learning in the Central Nervous System through programmes focussed on Mobility, Stability and Activation of the entire Neuromuscular system.

Researchers around the world have found that people who participate in a focused stroke rehabilitation program perform better than most people who don’t have stroke rehabilitation.

A typical Phase wise plan for an ongoing rehabilitation programme at Krumur is described below

·    Client – 61 Year old Female

·    Date of Stroke– 24th Jan 2020

·    Duration of Hospital stay– 24th Jan to 18th Feb 2020.

·    Reported to Krumur Clinic – June 2020

·    Diagnosis- Brain Stroke leading to Right side Flaccid Hemiplegia / Paralysis




·    Upper Limbs – Shoulder Extensors, Abductors, Scapular Stabilisers, Biceps, Small Muscles Of The Hand

·    Lower Limbs – Knee Extensors & Flexors, Hip Flexors, Hip Adductors, Abductors, Extensors, Hip Internal & External Rotators

·    Trunk Stabilization & Control

·    Cardio Vascular Endurance

PHASE 1 (4 to 8 Weeks) – To be able to stand with support and hold a glass in the hand.

  • Strengthening Exercises for the Shoulder Complex, Hip & Knee Complex on the Cable pulley – 40 Reps X 3 Sets (Gradual progressions)
  • Core & Back Exercises- Own body & Free weights. 20 reps X 2 sets (Gradual progression)
  • Recliner Cycling- 10 to 15 mins- Minimal Load- HR 110 to 120 BPM.

Phase 1 Goals were achieved in 5 weeks. Ambulated from wheelchair to Standing and walking with Walker support.

PHASE 2 (9 to 21 Weeks) – To improve Balance, Range of Motion, Development of Small muscles of the hands and improvement of fine motor skills – Handwriting, Counting, Book Holding, Catching Etc.

  • Stability & Control for Upper Limbs – Multiple Angle Isometric Holds.
  • Medicine Ball Traction for Anterior Chain and Posterior chain and Manual Myofascial Releases to loosen and soothe Tightened and Sore Muscles.
  • Grip Strengthening & Fine Motor movements restoration.
  • Intrinsic muscle strengthening, manual mobilisation, Pincer grip exercises.
  • Home work- drawing and colouring.

Phase 2 Goals are a work in Progress ( 18th Week in progress) and there is significant improvement in Joints Range of Motion and Fine motor skills.

It’s important to treat the causes of stroke, including heart disease, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation (fast, irregular heartbeat), high cholesterol, and Diabetes.

In June 2020 when I joined Krumur Clinic I was 100% bedridden. Today 5 months with this clinic I am able to walk with a walker. I can walk myself to the washroom 4-5 times in the day. I can bathe myself. I can clothe myself. I can even walk by taking the support of the wall when my walker is not nearby. I have become independent and that boosts my confidence. Thank you to the entire staff for their efforts and constant support and motivation
Asha Thomas
Client Since June 2020