Why you should avoid surgery and try “Physical Medicine”

Why you should avoid surgery and try “Physical Medicine”

Avoid Surgery

Avoid Surgery: It is alarming to know that, over 50 Million surgeries are conducted in India every year.

Surgeries comes with a host of potential complications, risks, and side effects.  As medicine advances, one of the focuses has been on prevention and alternative treatment methods to help patients, especially those in old age, avoid surgery in the future.

The fact is, no matter how talented the surgeon, the body doesn’t much care about the docs credentials. Surgery is a trauma, and the body responds as such—with major blood loss and swelling, and all manner of nerve and pain signals that can stick around sometimes for months.

While surgery is sometimes the only way to treat a physical condition, the more conservative approach is to first try exercise based rehabilitation or physical Medicine. If physical therapy eliminates your pain or helps you heal from injury, there may be no need for a surgery. And, if you do need to undergo surgery, pre-surgical exercise medicine can often put you into better physical condition to withstand the surgery, and possibly help provide a better recovery outcome.

Your Body Heals Itself Too

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves of certain conditions, given the proper treatment options and nutrition. Surgery should rarely be the only treatment offered, unless it is an emergency situation.

Doctors are recognising that exercise based treatment plans are effectively helping their patients. Part of this is because treatment plans can be custom-designed for the patient’s individual goals, needs, and challenges.

As researchers discover the positive impact of exercise rehabilitation and physical medicine on patients’ conditions, instead of undergoing surgery, more doctors are recommending physical medicine first, as a non-invasive, more gentle way of healing the body.

At Krumur Clinic we recommend that you attempt to arrest your condition with exercise based rehabilitation for as long as possible. As medicine has advanced, and ailments are better understood, exercise rehabilitation is frequently enough to help a patient regain strength and normal movement in the affected area of the body.

No matter what your Age, Level of fitness, or Athletic Ability, everyone experiences Back pains & Joint Pains at some point in life.

If you are lucky, the pain results from simple muscular strains or bruisings after a fall.

In other cases, however a much more deeper understanding of the probable cause and effect is needed for Pain Management, Condition Arrestment and Recurrence Management

Consult With the Best

Owing to the nature of the conditions we treat, our programmes are completely doctor driven and follow very high scientific protocols. All our programmes are defined and implemented by a team of experts under directions of a medical practitioner with over 30+ years of professional experience.