Exercise Prescription

SequenceExerciseHold TimeReps
1Rolling - Abdominal Muscles1-3 Minutes3 to 5 Reps
2Posterior Pelvic Tilt10 Secs10 Reps X 2 Sets
3SI Joint Opener - Foam Roller10 Secs10 Reps X 2 Sets
4Piriformis - Foam Roller3 -5 Secs10 Reps X 2 Sets
5Cross Leg Rotation - Spine10 Secs10 Reps X 2 Sets
6Frog Stretch10 Secs10 Reps X 2 Sets
7Cat & Camel Exercises10 Secs10 Reps X 2 Sets
8Foot Intrinsic Muscle Strengthening10 Secs10 Reps X 2 Sets

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