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A Physiotherapy Clinic is today much more than just a pain management centre. Aches and pains are a normal occurrences through out the world. This may be due to the hectic lifestyle most people lead. These aches and pains can confine an individual to a bed if not treated in the right manner. Most often, patients opt for ‘quick’ fixes, which is absolutely wrong as this can harm your body and cause further damage. The best way to go about treating pain is to find a physiotherapist or work with a physiotherapy clinic offering exercise based programmes for treatments.

Physiotherapy clinic in pune

Looking For a Physiotherapy Clinic in Pune?

It is advisable to understand the many benefits of physiotherapy before you start searching for a qualified physiotherapist or a Physiotherapy clinic in pune.

Listed here are some of the many benefits when you reach out to Krumur Clinic in Pune.

    • – You can significantly reduce pain when suffering from Arthritis or any other chronic illness with procedures that are medically proven. Our exercise based treatments can also help in prevention of recurrence of the pain.
    • – We typically suggest Functional Stretches,  Mobility programmes and different exercises that can help in building strength of different muscles and can also improve your overall balance and co-ordination.
    • a structure physiotherapy programme or exercise programme can help you avoid invasive surgery if your ailment is in the early stages. Even if surgery is essential, our programmes can help in the recovering process. You can save on funds.
    • – People who have suffered a brain stroke need to look for a specialised physiotherapy clinic so that they can regain their Mobility, a degree of balance, function and also movement. Special plans for exercise can help these patients retrieve their daily activities.
    • – We are well known in pune in working with senior citiziens for their wellness as well as elderly suffering from issues like Sciatica, Osteoporosis, RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), Back Pain, Neck Pain and a lot more.
    • – Our team of qualified and well experienced physiotherapists and strength conditioners have an in-depth understanding of sports injuries, like ACL Tear, Golfer’s Elbow, Hamstring Tear and more. A recovery plan is drafted in accordance with the specific injury. This ensures a safe return to the sport.

Conditions treated at a Physiotherapy Clinic in Pune

Back and Neck Pain

Chronic pain that is around the neck or your back can prevent you from leading a normal life. This can be considered as a ‘disability’. Consulting a physiotherapist in a Physio Center in Pune in the early stages of the pain, can help you cure this.

Sports Injury

Physiotherapist can plan a specific program to help you heal from different sports injuries. This includes different fractures or sprains. You also benefit from preventive treatment that can help in preventing any injury in the future.


Excessive fluid that is stuck in the lymphatic system can lead to swelling in the body. This is because this fluid circulates in the blood stream. The experienced and qualified physiotherapist makes use of Complete Decongestive therapy (CDT) to avoid this swelling and avoid any future growth of the fluid.


There are times when people feel dizzy or light-headed. This can lead to falls that can be dangerous. This can be balanced when you opt for physiotherapy.


There are a number of people suffering from concussion and this seems to be increasing with the passing of time. Not many are aware that physiotherapy can help you in managing trauma. The symptoms include headaches, problems with balancing, and dizziness.

Muscular Dystrophy

Muscles tend to degenerate and also get weak when you are getting old. This can be treated with mobility frames or even exercises for mobility.


Headaches due to skeletal issues can be managed with the help of physiotherapy. These issues include lack of neck motion, muscle tension and tightness, stiffness in the back, poor posture and more. The treatment can range from training for posture or a hot water bag.

Jaw Pain

Acute inflammation in the Temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) is a disorder. A physiotherapist offers you therapies that are manual, anti-inflammation modalities, posture correction, therapeutic exercises and modification to diet and workouts.

Knee Pain Physiotherapy Clinic in Pune

Not many are aware of the fact that knee pain can be treated well with exercise based physiotherapy. Typical conditions when you should reach out to Krumur Clinic

  • –  Shooting, sharp pain when you are using the knee
  • –  Stiffness and swelling of the joints
  • –  Knee pain that occurs when resting or at night
  • –  Deformity of the joints
  • –  Knee pain persisting for more than a couple of days
  • –  Crunching or popping noises from the knee when you are either getting up or sitting
  • –  Instability or weakness of the knee
  • –  Inability to bend, flex or straighten the knees
  • –  Constant pain in the knees

In case you are suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms you need to look out for a well reputed Knee pain physiotherapy clinic in Pune.

Sports Physiotherapy in Pune

Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

We treat a range of conditions like

    Tendon Tears
    Hand and shoulder injuries
    Shoulder dislocation
Preventing Injury

Our team of experts can help you bring down the risk of an injury during your chosen sport with the right exercise. They have the required knowledge to train different athletes. 

Our team is able to not only cure but also manage any illness or injury. We can help you during illness by providing the required medications. These professionals can ensure proper circulation of the blood. To make this short, an athlete can be healthy and fit with the help of an experienced and qualified physiotherapist.

Sports Physio near me

A Sports physio  is an ‘essential’ for everyone into performance sports. Sports Physiotherapy programmes can make the lifestyle of an individual not only better but also more energetic. This can make anyone a champion in different fields besides the specific sport chosen.

A participant gets a better grip on different strategies for time management with this therapy. The individual can establish fundamental skills through social, professional and also ethical disciplines. The athlete is able to perform the exercises in a timely and disciplined manner. This is a requirement for the overall growth.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy Clinic

A physiotherapist in a well reputed orthopedic physiotherapy clinic helps in dealing with problems of the ligaments and tendons, bones, connective tissue, muscles and also joints.

A physiotherapist can diagnose the issue after evaluation. This includes determining the diagnosis of the movement; a treatment plan is created, therapeutic care administration and .

Back Pain Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy has proved to be one of the best options available for back pain. The practice encompasses joint mobilization, exercises, dry needling, massage, stretching and other techniques for bringing down the discomfort. This can help you avoid frequent visits to the doctor and the chances of recovery increases if you choose this therapy at the onset of the pain.

Massage helps in relieving back pain very often. This massage differs according to the type of pain you are going through. The physiotherapist might advise on the deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point massage or other.

Physiotherapy helps in dealing with different ailments and can ensure you feel confident in functioning efficiently. This therapy works out safe as compared to different surgeries or medications.

This might help you lead a life free of disease as a physiotherapist helps you with nutrition and charting out a diet that is suitable for your health. All you need to do is ensure you follow up with your physiotherapist as and when required and not delay.