First of all a good nutrition plan helps us to maintain a good health. The relationship between our health and nutrition depends on many important factors such as environmental, behavioral, social, economic and cultural. We have seen a huge change in the eating habits over the years due to the change in people’s lifestyle.

A well planned diet plays a very important role in helping patients to recover faster in any treatment. Therefore any person treated by a physical therapists needs nutrition support to recover faster.

A diet plan cannot be made same for all because different people react differently to various types of food. Hence, a nutrition program is made considering all these factors to ensure a safe and easy to follow schedule.

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We all know that physical therapy is about stretching, flexibility, mobility, endurance and strength training. Our improper eating habits have affected our recovery immensely.

An effective nutrition plan controls the energy balance in our body. We often feel like consuming our meals after any workout session as we tend to become hungry and This is wrong!

One must have enough energy before, during and after the therapy. This energy balance can only be maintained if we follow a planned program.

The nutrition program provided during therapy helps patient maintain an energy balance. This energy balance does help patients to recover faster. 

Diet plan must always be easy and effective. It needs to be designed considering the likes and dislikes of the client. A plan which is not easy to follow will be discontinued by patients.

Hence the patients likes and dislikes, allergies, dietary habits are to be taken into consideration before planning a diet plan.

We believe it is important to educate patients by giving them effective guidelines. It becomes easy for patients to follow instructions once they understand the concept.

A nutrition program is realistic and goal focused. A positive result motivates the client and are more likely to follow the program for a longer period of time.

Physical therapy and nutrition must be hand in hand because it ensure better results.