Krumur Healthcare focuses on evolving the face of treatment to a very effective curative program, which helps patients post or pre-surgery to get complete support and well-being at the hospital or rehabilitation facility itself. We help small, medium sized as well as large hospitals and rehabilitation facility to grow and develop their business and also ensure that patients are happy and satisfied with treatment and care through our partnership programmes in pune

We offer our services to potential partners to help them stabilize their beliefs and earnings in physiotherapy offerings by managing their operations fully under the direction of our expert team. We understand the dynamics and goals of our partners and undertake plans on that accord.

Partnership programmes with hospitals by krumur healthcare from pune

Outsource physiotherapy lab and development by Krumur Healthcare

Why partner with us?

Healthcare industry is being revolutionized due to a lot of research and technological advancements, even though these changes and developments have happened operational most hospitals and injury rehabilitation facilities are clueless and lacks proper directions and forced to close down their existing setup. We help our clients rediscover their true potential with our expertise in operations and management of such outpatient departments (OPD’s) to increase the profitability for institutions and also ensure a safe and healthy transition in the recovery of all patients.

  • Our approach has great importance for physical medicine in physical therapy treatment protocols.
  • Our team of experts includes Doctors (M.D), Physiotherapist, Sports Scientists, Conditioners and Nutritionist.
  • We ensure a smooth transition without impacting the current flow of the system.
  • We help in setting up and managing physiotherapy units for government sports facilities, private injury rehabilitation facilities, Hospitals etc.
  • Our team is professional trained by experts on the most modern technology and equipment’s to aid speedy recovery of patients.
  • Our services have helped organizations to focus on their core functions and have enhanced the profitability at minimum risks.
  • We additionally provide marketing, strategy and business development services for our partners inclusive in our offerings.
  • We provide our team of experts to reduce the operational cost and training costs of the organizations such as hospitals, sports facilities, injury rehabs, yoga centers, tourism, spa’s etc.

To know more on our services, please connect with our sales team for more information.


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