Human Performance

If you intend to build a fast car, you need to know what parts of the car make it fast, what make it turn well, what are the best brakes etc. Human beings are no different!

To assess the qualities of an athlete you need to understand what role the body’s parts play in running fast, jumping high, throwing hard and punching quick depending on the choice of sport.

To achieve an elite level in any sport all aspects have to be taken into consideration. Nothing can be missed!

Army Rowing Node_CME_trained by Krumur Healthcare in Pune

What We Do

At Krumur Clinic we combine Biomechanics, Neurodynamics as well as Diet & Nutrition to be meshed into your Skill training programmes.

Athlete_training_program at Krumur healthcare


  • Scientifically establishing your real and optimal training zones
  • Optimising the use of your training time
  • Understanding how your body functions at different levels of exercise
  • Use your personal physiological thresholds profile to improve your program

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