School Programme in pune is an integral part of our outdoor activities, which we commence in advancing the kids psychomotor ability at the early age itself by sports, exercises, and training also helping them understand the importance of diet and nutrition.

We closely work with over 15 Schools in 3 states of India, and we have performed these training and enhancement programs in physical education at schools for over 12500+ school children.


Why schools need Krumur Healthcare?

We help schools to build a very dynamic environment for kids to develop physically as well as mentally for proper well-being and also enhance their performance across every task they incur. The following are some our test and training protocol inclusions:

 Daily Scientific Training | App based Tracking | Talent Identification | Sport Skill Development | Motor Ability Testing | Age based: Motor Development | Individual Testing Reports | Daily Fun & Games Activities | Engagement of National Level Coaches for specific sports | Annual Health Assessment |

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School Programs at Krumur Healthcare

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