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The primary aim in treating shoulder related conditions through conservative management is to reduce pain and improve function, and exercise rehabilitation is usually the cornerstone of this conservative management plan.

The goal of exercise as part of the physiotherapy management is to correct modifiable physical impairments thought to contribute to pain and dysfunction, rather than to treat the pathology.

Here we look at the “Wall Assisted” Overhead Press

Muscles Used

  • Anterior Deltoid (front part of the shoulder)
  • Medial Deltoid (side part of the shoulder)
  • Upper pecs
  • Triceps

The bottom and mid-range of the overhead press have the greatest shoulder activation. 

As well, if you lean back while overhead pressing, you’ll activate the muscle fibers of the upper pec during this range of motion too. Leaning back should only be done slightly, as an excessive lean can cause injury.

The top-end range of motion of the overhead press has the greatest tricep activation  

The primary role of the tricep is to extend the elbow.  There are certainly better exercises to train the triceps, but don’t be fooled, the triceps have an important role in locking the arms overhead in the overhead shoulder press.

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