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Back pain is a common form of discomfort that can affect people of any age. It is often termed as one of the leading causes of disability with a whopping 60-80% people experiencing it at least once in their life. You can find a host of Physiotherapy solutions in Pune, but you need to understand the root of the problem before you start your treatments.

Understanding Back Pain

This is one of the most common reasons for seeking medical intervention. You should know, that, Back pain can be caused by injuries, activity, or an underlying medical condition. It is generally a discomfort, or in some cases even extreme pain in the rear section of your body extending from your shoulders to hips. Back pain can manifest in various ways ranging from an aching muscle, to a shooting or stabbing sensation.

Back pain can also lead to a pain that radiates down your leg or worsens when you walk, stand, or lift something.

This affliction could include pain in the neck, upper back, or lower back. The most common type of back pain occurs in the lower lumbar region. A back pain could be acute, with a severe pain that lasts for a short period. It could also be characterised as chronic, with a pain that lasts for more than three months, or sub-acute, with a mild but nagging pain.

In order to determine the cause of the back pain, a thorough physical examination as well as history is essential. Other important factors that decide the course of action are age, location, duration, and nature of pain. Factors such as occupation, events before onset of pain, and psychological disturbances, if any, also play an important role.

Certain cases may also involve imaging studies such as X-rays or more advanced radiographic studies. Certain conditions that lead to back pains include ruptured disks, muscle strain, ligament strain, or arthritis. Risk factors that increase chances of a back pain include age, weight, lack of exercise, inappropriate lifting, smoking, diseases, or psychological conditions.


For those who have a stiff back and a bad posture… these variations will help you correct your postural imbalances.

Also can be helpful in the patients with low back pain


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