Hip Flexors

How Tight Hips Can Cause Knee Pain

A Tight Hip is a major cause for Knee Pain. Know why a Tight Hip can cause Knee Pain. Talk to our Doctors, Physiotherapists and Sports Physios to know more...

Physical Therapy at Krumur Clinic in Pune

Add the Knee Extensions for Knee Pain

Knee Post Operative Care - Physiotherapy for knee pain is one of the best solutions instead of Knee Surgery and Knee Braces. Knee Extension Exercises. A Physiotherapist or a Sports Physio can identify and diagnose the root cause of the problem. Try these simple home exercises for knee pain, which includes Knee stretching as well as Knee Strengthening...


Foot Strike Patterns – Running Basics

How to Run Correctly, Feet Pain while Running - Learn About Foot Strike Patterns and some Running Biomechanics to help your running routines.. Speak to our Doctors, Physios for all the help with Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention and High Performance...

Lunges - Krumur Clinic

Lunges to strengthen the Back

You may have heard about the importance of doing lunges to strengthening the back. Physiotherapists in Pune will help you understand the importance of adding compound exercises into your fitness programmes. Add a Theraband for balance. Speak to our sports medicine doctor and Physios and sports physios today....

Krumur Clinic - Shoulder Physiotherapy & Control

Shoulder Movement & Control

Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy at Krumur Clinic. Call us today to book an appointment at Krumur Clinic with the best Sports Medicine Doctors & Physios...

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