Our Approach

Owing to the nature of the conditions we treat, our programmes are completely doctor driven and follow very high scientific protocols. All our programmes are defined and implemented by a team of experts under directions of a medical practitioner with over 30+ years of professional experience.

Assessments & Diagnostics

At Krumur Clinic, the first step in every treatment protocol is the establishment of a baseline cause & effect.
We combine& analyse results from our Clinical Findings, Biomechanical Assessments & Radiological Findings to arrive at a Diagnosis & Treatment protocol guaranteed to show results over a prescribed time period

Goal Oriented Protocols

While every condition is unique, our experiences over the past 7 years of operations have allowed us to Define Specific Goals & Milestones that need to be achieved while the programmes are being implemented at Krumur Clinic. We have come to believe that treatment is only possible when the patient understands the importance of each of these goals.

Recurrence Management

At Krumur Clinic, we understand that all conditions cannot be completely cured in a time bound environment and hence we apply a lot of our focus on achieving "Condition Arrestment". Once this stage is achieved while we continue to provide the most advanced personal care to all of our patients we understand that the commitments required are quite burdening in terms of time, money and effort.

Cost Effective Programmes

All our Programmes are devised keeping in mind the time and effort taken to support our client's journey towards Cure & Condition Management. Hence, we have taken utmost care to make the programmes affordable to everyone. Multiple Package & Payment Options are also available to choose from depending on the type of condition and possible time and effort commitment levels from each client

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Krumur Clinic is a specialty Pain Management & Sports Medicine clinic established in 2013 in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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