A Li'l Background..

5000+ Pain Free Clients

1500 + Patients who have recovered lost Mobility in Joints due to Trauma, Overuse and Degenerative disorders

300 + National & International Athletes trained for High Performance Sport Programmes

25 + Experienced Team of Doctors, Physios and Spine & Joint Conditioners with over 40 year

The Start

Established as a niche institute offering Sports Science solutions in 2013, Krumur Clinic has a come a long way in the past 7 years to now becoming one of Pune's finest Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine clinics offering an array of medical and sports science solutions to clients from all walks of life.

Our customised treatment solutions to complex life conditions focus not only on fast recovery for a pain free life but also on an enhanced physical ability to help our clients to continue achieving their life goals.




We currently operate out of our main centre at Ghorpadi in the heart of Pune. The 2 floor facility is spread over 8000 Sqft and we can accommodate close to 80 - 90 Out patients a day.

Being a Day Clinic we work from Monday's to Saturday's (7 AM to 4 PM).

In addition to functioning as a Pain Management clinic for complex Spinal & Joints conditions we also work with leading Neurologists, Cardiologists and Orthopedicians for all Referal, Pre Surgery and Post Surgery Rehabilitation and Recurrence Management programmes.

Sports Science & Peak Performance Programmes continue to be one of our key offerings and in this regard we closely work with Academies, Coaches, Govt Sports Programmes and the Armed Forces for High Performance Training Programmes and Performance Improvement Strategies.


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Spinal Realignment at Krumur Clinic
Manual Release physiotherapy and rehabilitation care services in Pune
Fascia Releases at Krumur Clinic

Our Advantages

Spacious & Comfortable Clinic
Spread over 2 Floors and over 8000 Sqft, we boast of one of the largest such facilities in the city of Pune.
Curative Approach
All treatment programs are specifically designed with the sole aim of achieving Pain Relief in Stage 1, Condition Arrestment in Stage 2 and most importantly Cure for Life!
Qualified & Experienced Team
Team of Sports Medicine Specialists, Exercise Science Specialists, Clinical Nutritionists and Strength Conditioners
Personalized Programs
Our entire approach revolves around individual care and condition specific treatment programs for every Client.
Doctor's Network
We closely work with Pune’s finest Surgeons, Doctors as well as hospitals to ensure the exchange of best practices and wellness of all our clients.
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