Mr. Harshad Kulkarni

12 OCT 2021

Programme Videos

Programme Info
SequenceExerciseHold TimeReps
1Swiss Ball Knee Extension10 Seconds10 Reps X 2 Sets
2Swiss Ball Front Knee Press10 Reps X 2 Sets
3Knee Extension with Sandbag10 Reps X 2 Sets
4Knee Extension with Tibial Rotation10 Reps X 2 Sets
5Hamstrings Curls10 Reps X 2 Sets
6Hamstrings Curls on Swiss Ball 1- 2 Mins10 Reps X 2 Sets
7Ankle Dorsiflexion10 Seconds10 Reps X 2 Sets
8Foot Intrinsic Muscle Strengthening1 Min10 Reps X 2 Sets
9Calf Raises10 Reps X 2 Sets

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