The purpose of the Posterior chain is to hold us up and counteract gravity.  Our lats, along with our scapular retractors and rotator cuffs, are responsible for our posture.  They keep us from completely collapsing forward.  The glutes and hamstrings are responsible for holding our bodies up during daily tasks, for example, standing, training, etc. by producing hip extension, abduction, and external rotation. The Anterior chain also plays an important role.  Taking the quads, for an example; your quads are important for knee extension and for controlling knee flexion.  Most sports are forward dominated such as football, basketball, and tennis.  This means that they all require the ability to frequently change direction.  In addition to the Anterior chain, a strong core is important for basic stability. Your pecs help control your arms and help give you the strength necessary to push and lift heavy objects. If you identify patterns, your results are higher.  Ensure your body is in the right position and you’ll continue to jump and leap and power through your movements without compromised function.

Anterior Chain, Posterior Chain, Lateral Chain

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